About Us

Elemental, Inc

We are a Pennsylvania Corporation devoted to the recycling of electronic surplus.

We are committed to providing electronics recycling services that match the exacting standards of our customers while satisfying or exceeding R2.2013™ requirements and to applying responsible recycling principles throughout our recycling chain.

We are also committed to put health, safety, and environmental preservation as integral parts of our business operations at all times and in all places.


Through our core operations, we strive to maximize the conservation of metals, plastic and other non-renewable resources consistent with accomplishing our overall business objectives.

Our business plan directly addresses the increasingly important international need of diverting obsolete electronic devices away from landfills and open air refineries, and into certified end-user facilities, with the hierarchy of reuse, then material recovery, and at last energy recovery or disposal


We will comply with all applicable EH&S laws and regulations, follow the industry guidelines relevant to RIOS™/R2.2013™ certified companies, adhere to customer and product requirements, and manage focus material passing through our facility according to our Responsible Recycling Focus Material Management Plan.

In addition, we will establish and enforce our own QEH&S standards where existing laws and regulations are not sufficient to assure customer satisfaction, protection of the environment and human health and safety.


We will minimize the risk for the communities in which we operate; protect our employees and contractors from workplace injuries by utilizing safe technologies and operating procedures, as well as assuring emergency preparedness. We will strive to prevent releases to atmosphere, land and water. We will minimize the amount and toxicity of waste generated and ensure the safe treatment and disposal of waste.


We will continuously revise and update our management system and procedures to prevent activities and conditions that pose a threat to health, safety, or the environment. Our policy is to set new standards of accuracy and transparency with regard to quality assurance by utilizing state of the art methods and the highest ethical standards. We will also seek opportunities to continuously improve our adherence to these principles.


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2371 Church Street
Philadelphia, PA 19124