Why Recycle E-Waste? E-waste Why Recycle Computers?

Do Something Good for your Business and the Environment: recycle your old computer and CRT monitor

EPA regulations prohibit the landfilling of known hazardous materials.  Businesses are liable for improperly disposing of e-waste.  Don’t be faced with fines or clean-up costs!
As Philadelphia’s only full-service PA DEP permitted ecycling facility, Elemental is not just a safe bet, it’s a sure thing.  Why go anywhere else. With over TEN years of experience, Elemental is the
R-Ecycler of choice in the Tri-State area.

Studies estimate nearly 500 million computers will become obsolete by 2007 in the United States, almost 2 computers per person and billions of pounds of surplus computers.http://www.nrc-recycle.org Electronics recycling can divert over 95% of these materials from our landfills. Including the many hazardous substances found in old PC equipment. http://www.dep.state.pa.us
Monitor picture tubes (Cathode Ray Tubes or CRTs) contain lead.  Left in landfills, CRT lead can leach into the ground, poisoning our soil as well as our water supplies.  Computers and other related equipment also contain hazardous materials including lead, lithium, cadmium, mercury, beryllium and more.  Landfilling runs the risk of poisoning our environment.

The reasons to recycle are compelling. Don’t gamble your business future.

CRT recycling, Computer disposal and Data Destruction by Elemental is always your best bet.

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