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Don’t let your company data fall into the wrong hands.

Elemental offers customers State-of-The-Art secure data shredding and data destruction.

Privacy protection laws require secure data management and data destruction of all customer and employee information.  From retail sales to health care, the personal information collected in the course of doing business requires your organization’s compliance with a variety of information security and privacy laws.

As identity theft protection becomes more important to our customers Elemental is happy to provide data destruction certifications,  guaranteeing information security for both your business information and any employee or customer data stored on your computer drives. 

Elemental subjects computer hard drives to multiple software applications that not only erase all existing data, but also write over the drive, rendering the data unreadable as well as unrecoverable.  A final formatting step adds another layer of protection.  Where software applications are unsuccessful or improbable, Elemental will physically destroy computer hard drives, again rendering them unreadable and the information contained unrecoverable.

Don’t donate your business information or worse your business reputation. Data Management and Computer Recycling by Elemental can cover all your bases.

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