Available Computer Recycling Services

Business - to - Business

Pick-Up Services:

Elemental’s experienced drivers have been providing pick-up services in the tri-state area for over 20 years. From the bustling downtown streets of Philadelphia to the open roads of the surrounding counties, Elemental personnel reliably keep scheduled appointment times to package and transport your electronic surplus to our recycling center located at 2371 Church St in Philadelphia.

For a free quote or to request a pick-up.

Data Destruction:

Information Security and Data management: Elemental offers all of our Customers the option of certified Secure Data Destruction. Applying the most current and complete means of data elimination Elemental will guarantee that your private business or personal information is eliminated from your computer.

Software: Elemental utilizes current, up-to-date software technology to securely erase data containing components.

Shredding: Elemental utilizes an Amerishred hard drive shredder to physically destroy hard drives.

Recording Services: In conjunction with our computer removal, information management and environmentally-safe handling of your computer equipment, Elemental offers customers the option of serial number recording.

Drop Off Recycling Services:

Monday to Thursday 9:00 – 4:00 PM
Friday hours available September – May

Accepted: See list of accepted materials.

Pricing: While most things are accepted free of charge, there are charges for certain items which include televisions and certain monitors.

For current pricing: Email contact@eleminc.com or call 215-289-1475
* Small quantity drop off needs no appointment.
* Large load appointment request call or e-mail.