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Computer monitors that contain cathode ray tubes or CRTs can contain more than 8 pounds of lead.  Studies at Carnegie Melon and the National Recycling Coalition estimate between 300 and 500 million Personal Computers – PCs - will obsolesce by 2007.  Conservatively, that’s over a billion pounds of lead headed towards our landfills and potentially to our ground water supplies.  

Elemental offers an alternative to landfill monitor disposal, recycling monitors through a demanufacturing process as a part of the EPA’s preferred glass to glass method of monitor recycling.  As Philadelphia’s only Full-Service PA DEP permitted computer recycling facility, Elemental insures that all computers, monitors and electronics received are processed and recycled in an environmentally correct manner that is in accordance with all local, state and federal regulations.

As a full service business, Elemental offers our customers not only responsible computer recycling and disposal but also the added services of disconnection, packing and computer removal from your business location.  This lets you get on with necessary business operations and leave the e-waste to us.

Computer Recycling is our Business.


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