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Elemental, Inc. is a Pennsylvania Corporation devoted to the recycling of electronic surplus.

Elemental serves both the business and residential communities in the tri-state area, encouraging community drop-off as well as offering full service removal and recycling to the business community. From packing and removing equipment from your location through transport and recycling at our location, Elemental is committed to superior customer service.
Elemental is a Partner in the EPA's Region III eCycle Program. http://www.epa.gov recently recognized and honored by Christie Whitman. http://www.recyclingtoday.com
Elemental offers an alternative to landfill disposal and insures that all materials received are processed and recycled, destroyed or displaced in an environmentally correct manner that is in accordance with all local, state and federal regulations.
We are a woman owned, Subchapter-S Corporation, with an 18,000 square foot recycling facility in the northeast section of Philadelphia. Elemental, Inc. has been recycling computers since 1996, annually processing over 5 million pounds of surplus electronics. Elemental has diverted more than 12000 Tons of solid electronics waste from our local landfills.

We're doing our part!

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