Elemental, Inc.

Over 20 years of experience!

Elemental, Inc. is a Pennsylvania Corporation devoted to the recycling of electronic surplus.

Elemental, Inc. is committed to providing electronics recycling to the exacting standards of our customers while satisfying industry certification requirements and to applying responsible recycling principles throughout our recycling chain.

We are also committed to placing health, safety, and environmental preservation as integral parts of our business operations at all times and in all places.

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Technological advances are creating an excess of surplus computers , threatening to overflow our landfills. Elemental recycles all E-waste, giving further use to products and materials that would otherwise go to waste. Applying extensive and experienced labor, we recycle the electronics that come through our facility carefully and responsibly. No reusable product or material is wasted. From chip recovery to recycling circuit boards, information security to data destruction, Elemental applies the most advanced methods available for PC recycling and ecycling to insure maximum utilization and customer satisfaction.


Elemental offers an alternative to landfill disposal and insures that all materials received are processed and recycled, destroyed or displaced in an environmentally correct manner that is in accordance with all local, state and federal regulations.


Fully permitted by the PA Department of Environmental Protection and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Recover Reuse Recycle Ecycle!

Ecycle. It makes sense.

Televisions and CRT Monitors

Have an old CRT monitor or television laying around or an unused LCD monitor? Recycle it!


We recycle broken printers, color or laser.


Contact us to recycle your old telephone or dsl modems. Have an old cable or fiber optic modem? Let us know!

Wires and Cables

Clean up the clutter and recycle old wires and cables.

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